16 on Lerotholi hosts an Exhibition Opening and afternoon of Jazz

Exhibition: Locating Identity: Unveiling African Artistry in the Inner Sanctums of Langa

17 February 2024
16:00 – 18:00
16 on Lerotholi
Lerotholi Avenue 16, 7455, Langa, Western Cape, South Africa

"Locating Identity" is an exploration, a nuanced journey into the heart of Langa, where African artistry emerges as a profound expression of identity and cultural wealth. For far too long, the narrative has compelled us to seek recognition in distant, affluent realms. Now, the narrative shifts, and we invite you to an intellectual soirée where the very essence of African creativity is unveiled within the intimate confines of Lerotholi Ave.


This event delves deep into the intellectual discourse surrounding African identity, challenging the notion that our creations must conform to spaces distant from our roots. "Locating Identity" is an invitation for connoisseurs to engage with the complexities of our cultural tapestry, where art

becomes a conduit for profound conversations on heritage, authenticity, and the evolution of expression.


As attendees explore the exhibition, they will navigate not just physical space but also the intellectual realms that challenge and expand perceptions of African art. Join us for an evening of

thought-provoking dialogue, where the canvases serve as mirrors reflecting the intellectual and cultural richness that has always been intrinsic to our streets.


As the sun sets, guests will be treated to the soulful tunes of a to-be-announced jazz band, creating a harmonious atmosphere that complements the artistic expressions on display. The jazz performance will be a testament to the intersection of creativity and musicality, adding an extra layer of sensory delight to the evening.


Refreshments and light bites will be served, providing an opportunity for guests to mingle, connect, and share in the communal spirit of Lerotholi Ave. The event aims to not only showcase the artistic brilliance of 16 on Lerotholi but also to create a memorable experience that resonates with the

unique charm of Langa.

16 on Lerotholi
Lerotholi Avenue 16, 7455, Langa, Western Cape, South Africa
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