artHARARE hosts an Exhibition Opening of 'Gugano' (A Gathering)

12 February 2024
18:00 – 20:00
Silo Hotel
Silo Square, V&A Waterfront Cape Town 8001

artHARARE presents Gugano (A Gathering), a group exhibition by leading contemporary Zimbabwean artists at the Silo Vault, V&A Waterfront. As the title suggests, the exhibition invites the audience to witness the synergy that arises when artists come together, each bringing their unique visions and narratives into a shared space.


The artworks on display embody the essence of connection, whether through shared themes, collaborative efforts, or a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of Zimbabwean artistic exploration. Gugano is a celebration of the multiplicity of artistic voices and the stories they tell. From the visceral strokes of paint on canvas to the intricate dance of light and shadow captured in photographs, “Gugano” presents a kaleidoscope of mediums and techniques.


The artists draw inspiration from a myriad of sources, spanning cultural influences, personal experiences, and the ever-evolving world around us.



Dan Halter

Franklyn Dzingai

Ronal Muchatuta

Mostaff Muchawaya

Sindiso Nyoni

Franklyn Dzingai

Richard Mudariki

Goerge Masairira

Samurai Farai

Lionel Mbayiwa


Silo Hotel
Silo Square, V&A Waterfront Cape Town 8001
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