Walkabout: Phokeng Setai and Alex Richards (Co-Founders) | Exhibition Match

Curated by Art School Africa

16 February 2024
16:00 – 17:00
Cape Town Convention Centre, Convention Square
1 Lower Long Street, 8001, Cape Town, City Centre, South Africa

Exploring the Art-world's GOATs, Legends, Star Players, and Wunderkinds.

Using terminology often associated with football we will shift the focus onto the local artworld ranks. We will delve into the realm of the GOATs, the ‘Greatest Of All Time’, like Pele or Maradona, but in artist form. These seasoned creators have honed their craft to perfection, leaving an indelible mark on the art world. Forget the Messi vs Ronaldo debate - in our category of Legends, we will speak to the profound impact of artists who have not only shaped their own artistic traditions but have also etched their names into the history books and canon of Modernist and Contemporary African art. We then shift our focus to the Star Players, where we illuminate the most exciting artists of the last five years, on form players who are the first names on the team sheet (gallery roster) - artists whose work capture the zeitgeist of contemporary African art. Lastly, we look into the future – to the realm of Wunderkinds (think Haaland or Bellingham), these young ballers are making waves in the South African and African art scenes. Rising talents who compel the art-loving public to stand-up, take note and support. This walkabout promises to provide a nuanced perspective on the diverse narratives within the contemporary African art scene, offering a unique lens through which to appreciate the inarguable talent on display at the 2024 Investec Cape Town Art Fair.

Art School Africa, a non-profit organisation established in 2022, is dedicated to empowering individuals across the African continent to kickstart or advance their careers in the art industry. In partnership with the Harvard University Center for African Studies, the organisation conducts comprehensive research, spanning countries such as South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana, to gain profound insights into the distinctive challenges faced by art practitioners as they embark on their professional journeys. This research forms the foundation for the development of educational content designed to effectively support artists, curators, writers, gallerists, collectors, and more.

Embracing a hybrid model, Art School Africa offers a multitude of free online talks and panel discussions, as well as in-person workshops led by accomplished professionals. These workshops are recorded and subsequently uploaded to their growing online platform, which acts as an important archive of shared knowledge pertaining to professional artistic practice in Africa, and ensures accessibility to learners across borders.

Cape Town Convention Centre, Convention Square
1 Lower Long Street, 8001, Cape Town, City Centre, South Africa
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