Cocktail Event: Daniel Buren, Coloured Stops, for Mount Nelson, works in situ

Cocktail event around the fountain, opened by Daniel Buren

16 February 2024
17:30 – 19:30
Mount Nelson
76 Orange Street , 8001, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

About Daniel's Mitico Collection:


Haltes Colorées, travaux in situ, 2023-2024


For this MITICO season, Daniel Buren is unveiling an exceptional series of works entitled "Haltes Colorées".The artist proposes an artistic journey around six emblematic locations: the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town, the Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro, La Residencia in Majorca, the Villa San Michele and the Castello di Casole in Tuscany, and finally the Cipriani in Venice.


Each of these stops offers viewers a unique experience, an opportunity to take a fresh look at a landscape, an architecture, a place. "Haltes Colorées", in situ works for Mitico, is an ode to colour, used in each of these 6 locations to transform the space and make it alive and vibrant, an immersion in the symbiosis between art, architecture and nature. Each of these works is majestically displayed in the various Belmond hotels.


They awaken the senses of every traveller, and create an in situ experience that transcends borders to offer viewers around the world a new perspective on the beauty of architecture and its splendid surroundings.



About the installation at Mount Nelson:



This MITICO season begins in Cape Town, South Africa, at the foot of Table Mountain!


Within the historic Mount Nelson, nicknamed "Nellie", Daniel Buren invites us to "stop" at an architectural element at the center of the garden, the fountain.


Using his visual tool, the work: Daniel Buren, Coloured Stops, for Mount Nelson, works in situ, 2023-2024 creates a new path around this fountain, highlighting the 2-dimensional circle at ground level with a 3-dimensional circle formed by the position of pillars aligned around the basin, 3 meters above the ground.


Alternating mirrors and 8.7 cm coloured stripes, the artist integrates the environment around the fountain, inviting us to wander within a play of light and movement. The horizontal line of the Mountain Table rests on the vertical lines drawn by the pillars and coloured bands, integrating Daniel Buren's work into the sumptuous landscape overlooking Mount Nelson.



Mount Nelson
76 Orange Street , 8001, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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