Investec Cape Town Art Fair is proud to host its 12th edition from 21-23 February, 2025. Investec Cape Town Art Fair is Africa’s largest and leading art fair bringing together a diverse group of celebrated exhibitors, including prominent galleries from around the world showcasing predominately contemporary art. The Fair offers an intimate experience of Cape Town, the city’s people and their creative achievements. It is a platform for collectors, galleries, curators, artists, and art journalists from around the world to create connections.

The 2025 edition of the fair is composed by 3 core sections (Main, Lookout and Editions) and by 3 curated sections (Tomorrows/Today, SOLO and Generations).


The theme for the 12th edition of the Investec Cape Town Art Fair is Play. This concept is about encouraging informal experimentation and embracing the joy of discovery. As the underlying influence for our curated sections, Play embodies the inherent human desire for creative expression, much like the uninhibited disposition of a child. The theme will include two angles: Play as an action, filled with spontaneity and delight, and play as a game, offering an open-ended journey of exploration. Much like the multi-dimensional nature of art, Play can take on many forms, inviting viewers to engage with artworks in new and unexpected ways.


Investec Cape Town Art Fair has appointed the following curators: Tomorrows/Today section, Dr. Mariella Franzoni (Barcelona, Spain); SOLO section, Céline Seror (Amsterdam, Netherlands); Generations section (to be announced).


Now accepting applications for Main Section, Lookout and Editions and for the three curated sections Tomorrows/Today, SOLO and Generations.


Application Deadline: Friday 20 September 2024

Application fee: R2 200 (excl. VAT)

Acceptance or Non-Acceptance Notice: October 2024

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