Cape Town


Exhibiting artists: Claude Bouscharain, Janice Codron, Karen Elkington and Katherine Glenday Conversations with Claude CURATORIAL STATEMENT: ‘Painting represents my form of hope; at the same time, following the old magic, to give a shape to your devils to some extent helps to exorcise them.’ Claude Bouscharain (1922-2021) This exhibition addresses notions of representation, first person voice and the manner in which an artist can respond as foil to a visual archive, circumspectly navigating a path that compliments another artist's studio practice without appropriating. The three artist's, Janice Codron, Karen Elkington, and Katherine Glenday, are artists who in spite of their respective virtuosities in relation to their chosen mediums have no formal gallery representation. The project presented dovetails with this years Investec Cape Town Art Fair theme, Unbound, and the conversation centres on the work and life of Claude Bouscharain, as conceived by curator, Phillippa Duncan. The trio of artists responded to the work of Bouscharain in a manner that has liberated the latter from pages in art history to again being able to interact with the public.

Erik&Claude: The Foundation
Unit 7, 35 Rose Street, Bo Kaap, 8000, Cape Town, City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa

Represented artists

Janice Codron
Karen Elkington
Katherine Glenday
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