Galleria Giovanni Bonelli



Exhibiting artists: Michela Martello , Maria Lai Giovanni Bonelli Gallery opened in 2012 in the Isola district in Milano. The planning of the 300 sqm open space was initially focused on Italian figurative painters. In a very short time, the gallery became a reference point for art lovers and artists in the city. The alternation of masters, mid-career, and young artists allows the gallery to have an across-the-board overview of the international artistic scene. In 2018, with a collective show called “Super S.H.E.”. the gallery dedicated a special show to feminine artists’ works with established artists like Carla Accardi, Maria Lai, Carol Rama, and two young artists: Michela Martello and Elena Monzo. In 2020 Michela Martello had her first solo show in the gallery and in 2022 year she curated the women artists based in NY show “The Fire and the Cow” with artists like Tamara Gonzales; Jean Shin; Yevgeniya Baras, Sarah Peters; Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, Lola Flash. In 2022 and 2023 the gallery programme was strongly focused on younger generation artists like Chiara Calore- aged 28- in 2022 and the couple bn+BRINANOVARA painters (aged 28 and 29) in 2023. This season, 2024, will see the second solo show by Michela Martello in our venue in Milano.

via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 6, 20159 , Milano, Milano

Represented artists

Maria Lai
Michela Martello
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