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StellenboschStellenbosch NUIdasvallei

At the 2024 ICTA, the spotlight shines brightly on IS Art, led by the visionary Ilse Schermers-Griesel, whose curatorial expertise and deep-rooted passion for contemporary art are set to redefine the art show experience. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, Ilse has been a pivotal force in the South African art scene, renowned for her contributions as a curator, art historian, and gallery proprietor. This year, IS Art's participation is particularly noteworthy as Ilse brings forward the works of Barry Salzman and Emme Pretorius, two artists who embody the gallery's commitment to showcasing groundbreaking contemporary art. Ilse's discerning eye for talent and her ability to curate exhibits that are both challenging and inspiring make her one of the most anticipated curators at the 2024 ICTA. Ilse's journey in the art world, beginning with the establishment of IS Art in 2007, reflects her dedication to elevating the profile of South African art both locally and internationally. Her efforts have not only nurtured the careers of emerging and established artists but have also enriched the cultural landscape with exhibitions that provoke thought and evoke emotion. Under Ilse's guidance, IS Art has emerged as a sanctuary for art enthusiasts and collectors, known for its vibrant and dynamic exhibitions. Her work extends beyond the gallery walls, with several published books on South African artists that underscore her role as an authoritative figure in the art community. The 2024 ICTA presents an unparalleled opportunity to witness Ilse Schermers-Griesel's curatorial prowess in action. Her unparalleled expertise, combined with her passion for contemporary art, promises an art show that will captivate and engage audiences. As we look forward to this year's event, Ilse's role as a curator is a testament to the transformative power of art and a reminder of its enduring impact on society.

IS Art Gallery - Dorp Street
Dorp Street 138, 7600, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa
IS Art Gallery - Blaauwklippen
Blaauwklippen Road, 7600, Stellenbosch NU, Western Cape, South Africa
IS Art Gallery Tokara
Helshoogte Road, 7600, Idasvallei, Western Cape, South Africa
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